Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Regimental organisation

John has come up with an organisation for the Swedes as follows: Each regiment to be 36 figures to consist of 8 Grenadiers, 16 Shot, 10 Pike plus 2 Ensigns (with the Pike block) and including command figures with the shot. Command figures consist of an officer, an NCO and a drummer.

36 is a good size for a unit; I can't deal with 16 man units for this period. Good job Musketeer have an offer on at the moment!


  1. ...blimey - that's another of your blogs I now need to visit!! What rules will you be using??

  2. We're going to try to adapt the 1644 rule set. I don't know about John but I have an aversion to multiple figure stands, for some reason, and all the existing rules go for those.

  3. Hi I have just been reading through your blog and come across this painting which you have posted up. It looks like it is by Marc Grieves. Can you give anymore details about what it depicts and if you have any idea where I could pick up a print? I have looked on Marc Grieves website and it only shows three or four Northern Wars paintings. Many thanks, Dave H.

  4. It does look like Marc Grieves.

    I got it off a Russian site:

    I searched using tin eye and couldn't find it anywhere else...