Saturday, 25 April 2009

Russian Musketeer

All this talk about Russians has made me remember that I actually finished one Russian infantryman ages ago. Here he is and I hope he will have a lot more companions shortly! Let's hope I can remember what shade of green I used on him. It's so long ago I have forgotten!

Musketeer Russian pikemen are out!

It's a shocker but they are actually on sale on the website! I first saw the green at Colours in Newbury last September (at least I think it was last September but it could have been the year before!) and they have taken ages to arrive.

I was talking to someone at the club during our Roman battle last week and he said that he was glad that he hadn't started the Great Northern War as he had intended as the line had petered out. This line is getting a bad reputation on the net so I hope Bill can deliver on things like the Swedish cavalry he has promised.