Monday, 31 December 2007

Five more Swedes

I finished these yesterday. Four more for the Kalmar Regiment and one Grenadier for the Bjorneborgs Regiment.

I hadn't painted any Grenadiers and they did take longer with the "C" symbol on their bags. Some of the people on the Musketeer Miniatures forum have said that the mitre caps were never worn in battle but only for ceremonial duties or by lower grade troops. In Hoglund's book, however, he tries to deal with the fact that records show both hats and mitre caps are ordered for the same troops by saying that maybe the caps were worn for ceremonial purposes and in action (the theory was always that they were designed to allow for throwing grenades). Given this and the fact that no-one seems to be able to prove it either way I have decided to give the Bjorneborgs regiment mitres simply because they look nice!

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  1. might be interested in the YouTube clip that I dfound and posted at the bottom of my last post.....

    ..just a thought!