Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Pikemen: Kalmar Regiment

Now that we are looking at units for actual gaming rather than as a painting exercise, I have had to decide what units to start work on. I also have to make sure that I don't clash with John's regiments. The choice of regiments for me is driven by the Little Big Men flags produced to complement the Musketeer miniatures range. There is no point for me, at this stage, in producing a regiment if there is no corresponding flag.

I have decided on three initial regiments: Kalmar, Bjorneborgs and Jonkoping.

One will be a regiment with karpus: this will be the Bjorneborgs who didn't get hats until 1711.
One will be a regiment with hats: Kalmar.
One will be a regiment with non-yellow facings: Jonkoping.

The Kalmar pikemen I have just painted are wearing their uniform of blue coats with yellow facings, buff leather breeches and blue stockings. They wore hats, but with a blue and white twisted braid rather then the more usual white braid.

Swedish pikes were long: 6-8metres. I have done mine at the equivalent of about 6.5 metres as they looked ridiculously long at full size and I am sure the Swedes cut them down just as much as the English did in the ECW!

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