Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Some Russian command...

I picked up some more Musketeer Miniatures Russians on eBay recently, so will try and get some more done soon. In the meantime, I have painted a couple of figures from the relatively new command pack. They represent the Preobrazhensky Life Guards. I also have an officer and a standard bearer nearly done but, as yet, there are no flags for the Russians, as there are for the Swedes, from Little Big Men.
I based the uniforms and drum colours on this group of St Petersburg re-enactors. Partizans in the Russian army at the time had single spear-like points rather than the trefoil designs seen in the west.


  1. Excellent - is it me or does that drummer look like he's whistling nervously??

  2. He's probably got bored waiting for the cavalry to come out...