Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Back painting the GNW

Well, I am back painting some GNW figures after a six month break taken up by lots of Darkest Africa and gladiators (mainly).

Musketeer Miniatures are claiming that the Swedish Cavalry and the Russian pikemen and grenadiers are imminent, but then they've been saying that for months! It doesn't matter so much as I have still got a lot of figures to do!

I have six more figures varnished and they just need metalwork, bayonet and sword scabbards, pikes and a flag to be done so I hope I can post pictures of them them on Saturday. I have now based another six as well.
I am due to go on holiday shortly and I always take some figures to paint so it might just be I take the GNW Swedes with me as they are easy to paint and therefore as relaxing as they should be!

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